Wolfgang Berner

Co-Founder & CTO/CPO, HAWK:AI, München

Wolfgang Berner is co-founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Hawk AI. In this role he is responsible for the company’s product development and software operations.
Prior to founding Hawk AI, he held a leadership position at PAY.ON, an eCommerce payments company. His most recent role there was Senior Vice President Product. In this capacity, he led the technical development of the PAY.ON product for more than 10 years. After the acquisition of PAY.ON AG by ACI Worldwide in 2015, Wolfgang took over the product management of all eCommerce and fraud products of the group.
In his private life, Wolfgang is a married family man with two children. He likes to be out in nature on his racing bike, mountain bike or hiking in the mountains. In winter he goes running and plays ice hockey – the “coolest game on earth” he loves to play with his boys.



Mi. 17. November 2021