Ole Jorgensen, Ph.D.

Director of Research, Global Evolution, Kolding (DK)

With Global Evolution, Ole holds a position as Director of Research responsible for quantitative emerging markets research and ESG integration into the investment process. He leads Global Evolution’s work on operationalizing artificial intelligence (AI) into the investment process in the form of machine learning for forecasting purposes and natural language processing (NLP) for ESG and sentiment analysis in frontier and emerging markets. Previously, Ole has worked with the World Bank for several years in various capacities. In Washington D.C., Ole worked for the World Bank on low and middle income countries in Latin America, Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa, and specifically as a country economist and team leader responsible for seven frontier market countries. Ole has been a Professor of Economics, with a Ph.D. and an M.Sc. in international macroeconomics with numerous research visits to Harvard, Stanford, and Brown Universities among others, while recently graduated a strategic AI course at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Among other initiatives, Ole will in 2019 and 2020 be enrolled in the Executive Program at the Singularity University in Silicon Valley, USA, to further extend his work and the path of Global Evolution to continually and successfully integrate artificial intelligence in the company’s investment process. Ole also lead, among other research areas, the pioneering ESG/SDG-research which resulted in Ole’s Board Chairmanship at the UNPRI Advisory Committee on ESG in Credit Ratings (ACCR).