Onur Durmus

Partner, Sustainable Finance, ERM, Frankfurt am Main

ERM is the largest global pure sustainability consultancy. Based in ERM’s Frankfurt office, Onur Durmus has over 20 years’ experience in sustainable finance with particular expertise in sustainability legislation and its strategical and practical implementation for financial companies as well as multinational corporations.

Onur Durmus has an extensive experience in managing ESG and Sustainability Advisory services for large corporations, banks, and private equity. His industrial experience covers sectors such as automotive, biomaterials, warehouses, chemicals, consumer goods, food and beverage, electronics, forest and agricultural industries, iron and steel, maritime, metal working industry, mining, railways, real estate, packaging, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, testing institutes, tourism, and recycling and waste management.

Onur has worked in Germany, Belgium and the United States for leading industrial companies and consultancies in regional and global roles. He is known as a leading sustainability expert and has contributed to various events and thought leadership publications. Through industry background and sustainability advocacy work for a decade in Brussels, he is brings good insights on geopolitical developments their impact on the future outlook of the sustainability agenda. In the past year alone, he spoke at many virtual and in-person events among others the Sustainable Investor Summit 2021 Germany Forum, Italian Stock Exchange EU Taxonomy and Green Investment Webinar, and industry outreach events organized by Law Firms Hengeler Mueller and Debevoise.


8. Green Finance Forum

Di. 15. November 2022