Kyra Gibhardt

Climate Change Specialist Consultant at MSCI Inc., Zürich

Kyra works as a climate change specialist consultant and is part of MSCI’s climate risk center (CRC). In her role, she works with financial sector and corporate clients on climate risk and opportunity analysis to inform the development and implementation of climate strategies. She assists financial institutions with the integration of climate data and models into investment processes, the implementation of the TCFD recommendations and TCFD-aligned reporting as well with the development of portfolio decarbonization strategies and the implementation of net zero targets.

Prior to joining MSCI, Kyra worked at UBS, including the UBS Asset Management’s Sustainable and Impact Investing team, the UBS Optimus Foundation’s Social Finance team and UBS Wealth Management’s finance division. She also worked for the 2 Degrees Investing Initiative, a global think tank providing research and tools to align the financial markets and regulation with the Paris Agreement goals. As part of her work, she co-published research on the impact of a green supporting factor on European banks and lending in the Journal of Financial Regulation and Compliance.

Kyra holds a BA in International Studies from Leiden University (The Hague, NL) and a MA in International Energy from Sciences Po (Paris, FR).


8. Green Finance Forum

Di. 15. November 2022