Nikolaus D. Bayer

Angel Investor, BeAI GmbH, Friedrichsdorf

Persönliche Daten

Nikolaus D. Bayer is Germany’s Business Angel of the Year 2020. He invests in early stage software and/or impact startups both in Germany and internationally, usually shortly before or shortly after their market entry. Beyond financial resources, an essential aspect of each involvement is a steady company as advisor and sparring partner – based on more than 20 years of active entrepreneurial experience.

Prior, in 2007 he co-founded IRIS Analytics GmbH, a globally active solution provider for high availability real-time software for fraud prevention and risk management in electronic payments. The company was successfully sold to IBM in 2015.

Nikolaus was born in northern Germany, studied computer science at RWTH Aachen and UPM Madrid. He then moved to the Frankfurt area in 2002, where he is still based.