Markus Egger

Director of Sport and Strategy, Aspire Academy, Doha - Qatar

Markus Egger’s professional career led him from the world of finance to the world of elite sport. He has extensive experience in building, growing and leading international sport ventures having worked with two of the most innovative and forward-thinking global players in sports: Red Bull and Qatar.

For nearly 10 years, Markus Egger contributed to the rapid and diverse development of Red Bull. At that time, the global energy drink company - thinking and acting as an unconventional investor rather than a sponsor - was already ahead of the curve in understanding, owning and utilizing the power of sport and the content it produces.

After assuming management responsibilities for Red Bull-owned teams in Formula 1, NASCAR, hockey and football, Markus served as General Manager of Red Bull´s Football Division. In this position, he led the company´s professional football clubs and academies in Brazil, Ghana, United States, Austria and Germany and was responsible for their strategy and performance, on and off the field. It was during Markus’ tenure that Red Bull entered the German football market with newly founded RB Leipzig.

Since 2012 Markus has been based in Doha at the heart of Qatar’ s highly ambitious sports projects. As Director of Sport & Strategy at the avant-garde and world-renowned Aspire Academy, his focus has been on athlete development, strategy of international sports investments, commercial sustainability and maximizing the effectiveness of elite sport organizations.

Markus Egger, who also assumed different board-level positions with multinational companies outside the world of sports, holds a Master´s degree in Business Administration from universities in Austria and Spain; however, he rates life-long learning higher than that.

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