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DAVOS 2018

Annually, chief executive officers from more than one thousand companies, politicians, intellectuals, journalists, NGO representatives as well as religious leaders gather in Davos to discuss current global challenges, especially questions concerning economic, health and environmental policies. In 2020, the meeting takes place for the 48th time.

During this meeting (21-25 January 2018), dfv Euro Finance Group organizes own and independent networking events in Davos. Furthermore the FRANKFURT EURO FINANCE Experience Office opens its doors for the first time. The purpose is to combine classic evening events to exchange ideas and networking on a high level.

The FRANKFURT EURO FINANCE Experience Office opens from Tuesday, 21 January to Friday, 24 January 2018 on Promenade 123, Davos

Our events in Davos:

- FRANKFURT meets DAVOS, 23 January 2018: An event with tradition - It will enjoy its 9th anniversary in 2018!

- EURO FINANCE Summit, 24 January 2018: An exclusive lunch session at an altitude of 2.883 meters at the mountain restaurant “Bergrestaurant Weissfluhgipfel”

One week of information and exchange of ideas and thoughts - great locations, fascinating personalities and interesting conversations (Steigenberger Grandhotel Belvédère, Bergrestaurant Weissfluhgipfel, FRANKFURT EURO FINANCE Experience Office)


[Please note: Due to high security measures in Davos, our participants will be provided with official security badges by the World Economic Forum to access our event locations with restricted access. However, our events are not related to the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting, but are independently organized by dfv Euro Finance Group GmbH.]

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