11.–12. Juli 2016 | Teheran

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The 1st FINEX CONFERENCE – Join the major event on investment opportunities, capital markets, banking and Insurance in Iran

No other country is currently more interesting economically than Iran. New possibilities arise for both - the country of the Middle East and Europe after the sanctions against Iran were lifted.

Within a short period of time economy has begun to flourish. With tremendous speed new companies are founded and European businesses settle into their new Iranian offices. Naturally there is a need for connecting to the European and international banking systems.

Jointly with the Central Bank of the I.R. of Iran and other partners, Maleki Group hosts The 1st FINEX CONFERENCE which will take place on 11 and 12 July 2016 in Tehran as part of the 9th International Exhibition of Exchange, Bank & Insurance (FINEX 2016).

Representatives from the companies listed on the Tehran Stock Exchange will be present and ready for 1:1 meetings with foreign investors. Decision makers from the banking, insurance and capital market industries from Iran and beyond will be there – use this opportunity to meet them directly and build up your own ties to the Iranian business world.

Topics to be discussed:

  • Iran Capital Market: Rewarding Financial Instruments / Promising Divers Industries
  • Iran’s Policy for Attracting Foreign Investment
  • Opportunities in Iran’s Capital Market
  • Intriguing Products in Iran Capital Market
  • Iran’s Standing in the International Capital Markets
  • Next Step: Iran’s Roadmap to the International Capital Markets
  • Regulation and Supervision Demands for the Iranian Banking System
  • International Relationship with Iranian Banks: Expectations, Concerns and Risks
  • Reconnecting Iran to the International Payment World
  • Foreign investments in Iran stock exchange: opportunities and obstacles
  • The Securitites Exchange Organisation: Regulatory and supervisory framework
  • Laws and Regulations Governing the Capital Market Activities
  • Insurance – Central Insurance of the I.R. of Iran
  • Insurance industry in Iran: Analysis of Insurance and Reinsurance Market Structures
  • Foreign Insurer entry to the Iranian Insurance Market
  • Competitiveness of Domestic Insurance Companies with the Foreign Insurance Company
  • Overview of the Current State of Banking and Finance in Iran
  • Compliance and Legal Landscape
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