Prof. Dr. Martin Hellmich

Partner, Deloitte, Frankfurt a.M.

Martin started his career in 1997. For more than 15 years he has been working in investment banking in companies such as Allianz Asset Management, Barclays, Deka, Cantor, and Fitzgerald Europe in a variety of roles, such as risk manager, Head of Strategic Asset Allocation, Head of Fixed Income, and Divison Head for the Securities Portfolio on the Banking Book. Furthermore, he has worked in Derivatives Trading & Sales and ABS-Trading.

From 2012 to 2017, Martin was a full-time professor for Risk Management & Regulation at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management. His lectures and research covers risk management and regulation, quantitative finance and financial mathematics, financial markets and products.

During this period, Martin was a Managing Partner of SCDM (today Deloitte Audit Analytics), which provided IT and risk management for central banks, financial institutions, auditors and regulatory authorities. Their services, which include valuation, data management and IT Solutions, were delivered to more than 35 clients worldwide. Since 2013, he is the advisor and project manager for the Common European Pricing Hub (CEPH), which is responsible for the valuation of all eligible non ABS-securities in the Eurosystem.

Currently Martin is Deloitte-Partner and the Managing Director of Deloitte Audit Analytics. His key responsibilities encompass the development of a service oriented architecture to deliver the Deloitte One Price for NextGen D.NAV, the development of tools based on Optical Character Recognition (OCR), automatization of security building processes, development of machine learning procedures, and development of artificial intelligence based methods for relative value pricing of financial securities. Additionally Martin is working on multi-party computation methods and smart derivatives.

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